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Archive: Meet Your Maker


"Get ready to meet your maker!"
"I'll see you in court!"
"You'll have to answer to God for that!"
"Oh, get over it - it isn't the end of the world!"

Judgment day. It is feared, denied or joked about. The specter of the Day of the Lord not only has been used to threaten non-Christians, it also has been held over the heads of believers. The thought of seeing all your sins projected across a giant screen in front of God and your first grade teacher and your grandmother is enough to make any believer dread meeting his maker!

For those who don't want God in their lives, at judgment day, they get their wish.

But for the Christian, judgment day is the greatest day of eternity! Because of what God has done in Christ, justice is on the Christian's side! Judgment day isn't the day of shame for the believer - it is the day of unspeakable reward. Get ready for a good news view of judgment day. Get ready to meet your Maker for who He really is!

Date   Title Speaker Download
9/15/2013 Part 1 - The Terrible, Wonderful Day of the Lord Alan Wright
9/22/2013 Part 2 - The Judge is Family Chris Lawson
9/29/2013 Part 3 - Your Day in Court Alan Wright
10/6/2013 Part 4 - Nothing But the Blood Alan Wright
10/13/2013 Part 5 - Living in the Certainty of Eternity Alan Wright