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Archive: Son of David


Son of
Shepherd. Hero. King.

David. Who can compare to him? He was the ruddy, handsome youth tending sheep, writing psalms and worshipping God in the humble Bethlehem fields. He was the lone Israelite brave enough to decapitate Goliath and the sole warrior adept enough to cut off the scourge of the Philistines. He was the stately king who established peace, expanded the borders and reigned in prosperity for 40 years. Who else could be a gentle shepherd, a glorious hero and a noble king?

Would there ever be another leader like David?

Yes. The Son of David. Every prophet pointed to him. Every Hebrew yearned for him. Every generation waited for him. But when He came, many did not recognize Him. He was a shepherd, but of souls not of lambs. He was a hero, but of spiritual rescue not earthly. He was a king, but of a heavenly empire, not a political one.

Date   Title Speaker Download
1/5/2014 Part 1 - The Son of David Alan Wright
1/12/2014 Part 2 - 2014 Blessing Service Alan Wright
1/19/2014 Part 3 - The Difference Between Being in the House of God and Being the House of God Alan Wright
1/26/2014 Part 4 - The Forgotten Son Who Became King of All Alan Wright
2/2/2014 Part 5 - The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall:
How David Became a Hero
Alan Wright
2/9/2014 Part 6 - A Rejected King Chris Lawson
2/16/2014 Part 7 - A Tale of Two Kings Alan Wright
2/23/2014 Part 8 - Friends Alan Wright
3/2/2014 Part 9 - You're a Priest - So Go Ahead, Eat the Holy Bread! Alan Wright
3/9/2014 Part 10 - Overtime - When You Think You've Won
and Find Out the Game's Not Over
Alan Wright
3/16/2014 Part 11 - The Secret to Powerful Prayer Alan Wright
3/23/2014 Part 12 - The Death of Uzzah and the Dance of David Alan Wright
3/30/2014 Part 13 - More Ordinary Men Chris Lawson
4/6/2014 Part 14 - Oh Absolom! Discovering the Father's Heart Alan Wright
4/13/2014 Part 15 - Why We Clap In Church Alan Wright