Newest Message: God's Holy Temple

Belonging to God

Date Title Speaker Downloads
10/15/2017 God's Holy Temple Alan Wright
10/8/2017 When the Saints Go Marching In Alan Wright
10/1/2017 We Have Been Made Holy Alan Wright
9/24/2017 Belonging to God Alan Wright

One Mission, One Message: Jesus

Date Title Speaker Downloads
9/17/2017 Jesus is the Restoration Alan Wright
9/10/2017 Jesus is the Provision Alan Wright
9/03/2017 Jesus is the Message Chris Lawson

All Things New: A Study of 2 Corinthians

Date Title Speaker Downloads
8/27/2017 Bragging on Jesus Alan Wright
8/20/2017 How to Be Thanksful for a Thorn Alan Wright
8/13/2017 Pure Gospel Chris Lawson
8/06/2017 How to Destroy Strongholds Alan Wright
7/30/2017 Godly Grief vs. Worldly Grief Alan Wrignt
7/23/2017 New Operating System Alan Wright
7/16/2017 Jars of Clay Alan Wright
7/09/2017 Our Heavenly Dwelling Chris Lawson
7/02/2017 The New Covenant Revealed Alan Wright
6/25/2017 You Are the Aroma of Christ Alan Wright

How to Forgive Those Who Hurt You

Chris Lawson
6/11/2017 Yes and Amen Alan Wright
6/04/2017 The God of All Comfort Chris Lawson

Five Great Prayers From the Bible

Date Title Speaker Downloads
5/28/2017 The Prayer for Favor Chris Lawson
5/21/2017 The Pure Heart Prayer Alan Wright
5/14/2017 The Lord's Prayer Chris Lawson
5/7/2017 The Prayer of Enlightenment Alan Wright
4/30/2017 The Prayer of Agreement Alan Wright
4/23/2017 Praying Pure Word Alan Wright

Hidden Jewels

Date Title Speaker Downloads
4/16/2017 Mary Magdalene Alan Wright
4/9/2017 The Women at the Cross Alan Wright
4/2/2017 Rahab Alan Wright
3/26/2017 Hannah Chris Lawson
3/19/2017 Naaman's Servant Girl Alan Wright
3/12/2017 Deborah Alan Wright
3/5/2017 The Shunnamite Woman Alan Wright
2/26/2017 Naomi Chris Lawson
2/19/2017 Abigail Alan Wright
2/12/2016 Puah and Shiphrah Alan Wright
2/5/2017 Leah Alan Wright
1/29/2017 The Daughters of Zelophehad Alan Wright
1/22/2017 Blessing Service Alan Wright
1/15/2017 The Woman Who Let Down Her Hair Alan Wright

Christmas Surprises

Date Title Speaker Downloads
1/1/2017 The Star the Wise Men Followed Chris Lawson
12/25/2016 Christmas Eve Message Alan Wright
12/18/2016 The One Thing the Angels Want to Know Alan Wright
12/11/2016 The Girl Who Became Christ's Mom Alan Wright
12/4/2016 The Little Town of Bethlehem Alan Wright
11/28/2016 The King Who Humbled Himself Chris Lawson

Faith Works

Date Title Speaker Downloads
11/20/2016 Faith Works Alan Wright
11/13/2016 Faith Feeds Alan Wright
11/6/2016 Faith Speaks Alan Wright

The Beauty of Balance

Date Title Speaker Downloads
10/30/2016 Ancient and Modern Chris Lawson
10/23/2016 The Balance of God Alan Wright
10/16/2016 Work and Rest Chris Lawson
10/9/2016 Celebration and Contemplation Alan Wright
10/2/2016 Awe and Intimacy Alan Wright
9/4/2016 The Beauty of Balance Alan Wright
9/11/2016 Word and Spirit Alan Wright
9/18/2016 Gifts and Fruit Alan Wright
9/25/2016 Spirit and Intellect Alan Wright


Unspeakable Joy (A Study of Philippians)

Date Title Speaker Downloads
8/28/2016 The Joy and Power of Authentic Community Alan Wright
8/21/2016 The Secret to Contentment Chris Lawson
8/14/2016 The Path to Joy and Peace
Alan Wright
8/7/2016 Pressing On Alan Wright
7/31/2016 Living by the Spirit Rather Than the Flesh Alan Wright
7/24/2016 The Joy and Freedom of Serving Alan Wright
7/17/2016 Grace and Working Out Your Salvation Alan Wright
7/10/2016 True Humility vs. Worm Theology Alan Wright
7/3/2016 The Assurance of Heaven Chris Lawson
6/26/2016 Overcoming Your Worst Fears Alan Wright
6/19/2016 Experiencing the Affection of Christ Alan Wright
6/12/2016 God Will Finish His Good Work Alan Wright  
6/5/2016 The Secret to Unspeakable Joy Alan Wright    


Good News on Every Page

Date Title Speaker Downloads
5/29/2016 Hope on Every Page Chris Lawson    
5/22/2016 Truth on Every Page Chris Lawson    
5/15/2016 Jesus on Every Page Alan Wright
5/8/2016 Good News Stories on Every Page Alan Wright
5/1/2016 Good News on Every Page Alan Wright


Life of Peter: From Shifting Sand to Solid Rock

Date Title Speaker Downloads
4/24/2016 From Aimless Want to Hopeful Expectation Chris Lawson
4/17/2016 From Stranger to Royal Priest Alan Wright
4/10/2016 From Law to Gospel Alan Wright
4/03/2016 From Self-Confidence to Spirit-Confidence Alan Wright
3/27/2016 And Peter Alan Wright
3/20/2016 From Trusting in Your Promises
     to Trusting in God’s Promises
Alan Wright
3/13/2016 From Anger to Justice Chris Lawson
3/06/2016 From Resistant to Receptive Alan Wright
2/28/2016 From Distraction to Hope Alan Wright
2/21/2016 From Self-Agenda to Divine-Agenda Alan Wright
2/14/2016 From Fear to Faith Alan Wright
2/07/2016 From Empty Hearts to Full Nets Alan Wright
1/31/2016 From Unsure to Secure Alan Wright
1/17/2016 From Fisherman to Fisher of Men Chris Lawson
1/10/2016 Blessing Sunday Alan Wright
1/03/2016 From Shifting Sand to Solid Rock Alan Wright